FAQ About Lawn Fertilizer

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FAQ About Lawn Fertilizer

1 July 2016
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Did you get new turf installed in your lawn and want to make sure it stays healthy? You might want to get into the habit of getting your lawn fertilized, as it can actually be beneficial in more than one way. Take a look at this article to find the answers to some of the questions you might have about lawn fertilizer.

How Does Fertilizer Keep Turf Healthy?

Fertilizing will keep your turf healthy because it contains various nutrients that are essential for grass to grow. Nitrogen is one of the nutrients in fertilizer, which is used for growing turf and keeping it green. Another vital nutrient is potassium, which can make your turf more tolerant to drought conditions. Potassium is also good for fighting lawn diseases. Phosphorous is contained in lawn fertilizer to promote root growth and give your lawn a fuller appearance. Your lawn will stay healthy for longer periods of time with the nutrition provided by fertilizing products.

Are There Different Types of Lawn Fertilizers?

There are various types of lawn fertilizing products available. It is in your best interest to get your grass inspected by a professional to find out which type you have. Knowing your grass type will allow you to choose the best type of fertilizer to keep it healthy. You have the option of choosing slow or fast release fertilizer. A slow release fertilizer is ideal for use in the fall, as it can help grass roots continue to grow during cooler temperatures. Fast release fertilizer is ideal for warmer months, as it can provide larger quantities of nutrients to starving grass that tries to grow after the cooler months have passed.

Does Fertilizer Assist with Fighting Weeds?

Getting your lawn fertilized is a great way to keep weeds under control. As the fertilizer keeps your lawn healthy and full, it will make it difficult for weeds to take root in the soil. Your goal should be to make the grass as thick as possible, as thick lawns are naturally resistant to weeds. You don't want a lawn that has patches of soil that are open to weeds, so keep your new turf fertilized regularly to prevent the problem. Hire a professional to fertilize your lawn if you can't keep up with the task on your own. Visit a garden store to purchase fertilizer for your new turf so it will remain healthy for a long time.

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