How To Add More Color To Your Yard

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How To Add More Color To Your Yard

27 March 2019
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Adding more color to your yard can make it look attractive and stand out. However, this doesn't need to be a hard task or consume a better part of your home improvement budget. There are different types of colors that you can add to your yard.

Things like furniture, pots, tiles, garden art, and plants can easily add exquisite color to your yard as well as your entire landscape. Let's look at some ways in which you can add more color to your yard.

Choose Colorful Furniture

The seating area and tables are the important areas in your landscape, and this shows the importance of adding color to this area. You can choose to exchange your dull cushions with brighter ones or even add extra pillows with eye-capturing colors to the existing cushions.  

Use Colorful Pots

Colorful pots present a cheap and easy way to add more color to your yard. When choosing the pots, ensure that you have a mixture of blue, red, orange, purple, and magenta that will match the variety of plants in your yard. Using colorful pots gives you the chance to design an outstanding color variation.

Plant Some New Plants

Another way of adding color into your landscape is to get a garden bed kit and fill your yard with plants that have a lot of foliage, like hostas, succulents, and herbs. A garden be kit makes it easier for beginners to get their hands dirty with gardening and grow colorful plants that are likely to thrive.

Use Mural to Brighten Up Your Bare Walls

This can be very helpful, especially when you have limited space, because a mural does not require ground space. In addition, it adds color as well as interest to the walls in your yard. A mural is a great way to add more color to your outdoor space, and you can do this by painting plants on your wall or creating an impression of a mounted portrait.

Use an Outdoor Rug at Your Patio or Deck

Adding a rug at your deck or patio with interesting designs and shades can enhance the color in your outdoor seating and dining area.

Consider Adding Plants with Lively Foliage

Vibrant foliage is not limited to the fall season alone. There are plants that can offer an all-year-round color apart from green. These plants continue to retain their foliage long after they have shed their flowers.

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