Strategies For Designing Your Landscaping

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Strategies For Designing Your Landscaping

30 August 2019
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Designing your property's landscaping is an important factor in determining the way the property will look as well as the amount of maintenance that it will take. Following sound design principles during the early phases of creating your landscaping can help with balancing these needs.

Be Mindful Of Low Areas

It is common for yards to have some areas in them that may be fairly low-laying. This can put them at a much greater risk of developing substantial flooding as runoff from the other areas of the property will be likely to gather here. While it may not always be possible to eliminate these areas, you can mitigate the flooding risk by installing drainage systems that will carry any of the excess water away from the property. Some of these drainage improvements, such as buried gutters and French-style drains, can be done in a discrete way.

Opt For Automated Watering Systems

Watering your property will be one of the more time-intensive things for you to do. Unfortunately, it can be an extremely laborious task that may take much of your free time. However, failing to effectively water your plants can dramatically increase the problems they experience during periods of little rainfall. Providing the plants with enough water without forcing yourself to have to spend time working in the yard can be done by investing in an automated watering system. These systems will allow you to control the entire sprinkler system from a central panel or remote control. Additionally, some of these systems can be put on a timer so that they will activate without your input at the scheduled time.

Appreciate The Potential Hazards Including Exotic Plants Can Create

Many homeowners will want to incorporate exotic plants into their property's design. While this can be a great way of giving your property a unique look, it can have its limitations and hazards. In particular, exotic plants are less likely to have natural defenses against potential pests and disease that could strike the property. Furthermore, these plants are likely to require significant fertilizers and other nutrient supplements to be able to give them materials that they need to be lush and vibrant. Limiting your choice of plants to those that are found locally can avoid these issues as these plants will be specially adapted to survive in your particular climate. This will make these plants far hardier than more exotic options, which can help to keep the work for your yard low.

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