Sharpen The Blades Of Handheld Tools And Power Equipment

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Sharpen The Blades Of Handheld Tools And Power Equipment

26 June 2020
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Summer months may encourage you to get out in your yard and perform landscaping details that will aid in improving the condition of a garden, lawn, trees, and shrubs. When a tool or a piece of equipment has a dull blade, you are subjected to inefficiency with completing a project, and you could become injured if you apply excess force against the back of a dull blade and wind up slipping and cutting through your arm or hand. Use some blade sharpening strategies to keep your gardening equipment in operable order.

A Metal File Or A Sharpening Stone

Tools that are handheld and that are used to dig trenches or trim small branches can be sharpened with the aid of a metal file or a sharpening stone. Each of these tools can be purchased from a garden center. You will be required to move the rough side of a file or a stone against the tip of a blade. Get organized by gathering up all of your hand tools and using a garden hose, a scrub brush, and detergent to clean off each blade.

After the blades have dried, sit down at a table to perform the sharpening of each blade. Garden tools that contain metal edges that are thick will not puncture your skin, but they will still benefit from having a file or stone rubbed across the edge of them. Since shovels and spades are designed to dig into packed dirt, the tip of one of these tools will become dull after a while. Move the sharpening tool back and forth across each blade and wipe away excess grit that remains on the edge of the tools.                                                                      

A Manual Or A Power Tool Sharpener That Contains A Diamond Tip

A manual or a power tool sharpener that contains a diamond-honed carbide blade can be used to sharpen tools that possess a single or a double-bevel blade. Purchase a sharpener that contains a guard, so that your fingers are protected during the sharpening process. Gather up all of the power equipment and tools that you own that contain narrow blades. Inspect the equipment to make sure that each item is clean and turned off.

To access a lawnmower's blades, you may need to turn the machine over or remove the blades from the casing that is anchored around it. Once the blades on all of your equipment have been sharpened, make a note of the date that you performed the task and the equipment that you completed the sharpening upgrade to. This will help you keep track of your garden tools maintenance schedule.

If you feel like you need help with blade sharpening, contact a gardening service in your area.