Outdoor Lighting Recommendations To Improve Your Property

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Outdoor Lighting Recommendations To Improve Your Property

31 March 2021
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The lighting you install inside your home is important for many reasons, but the outdoor lighting of your landscaping and garden can be just as important. Whether you choose to install a DIY solar light kit and a string of lights or a professionally installed lighting system, you can immediately improve your landscaping. Here are some recommendations for you to add in garden lighting for your property.

Use a Focal Point

When you are planning your outdoor lighting, be sure you focus on a central main area to light as you plan your design. Your home is the central focus on your property, so your outdoor lighting should showcase this feature. Look at installing exterior lighting that illuminates the structure of your home and its eaves. You can achieve this with spotlights at the corners of the structure and on shrubbery growing around its exterior and spotlights focused down from the roofline on the surface of the home's exterior walls. Also look at lighting on your garage and see how you can add to them to further add attractive lighting.

From your home's lighting focus, you can install lighting to illuminate a walkway, garden pathway, driveway edges, or surrounding a patio. These lighting features will outline some special details in your yard and also provide illumination for individuals traveling through the paved areas in the dark. You can then add in lighting to illuminate around shrubbery or up the trunk of a tree to showcase your landscaping at night.

Provide Security

The type of lighting you add can boost your home's security and protection. Along with a security system, outside lighting can prevent shadows and dark spots where a potential burglar or intruder may hide. Look to install flood lights that switch on based on movement so they only come on when someone approaches your home on foot or by vehicle. In addition to improving security, this is a great way to help you and your household travel safely in the dark outside because the lights will come on automatically when you go outside. 

You can add security lights to the area surrounding your home and also along the back fence line of your property. This can be helpful in a detached garage or around the back of an outbuilding and to protect tools and equipment you store outside. A light switching on directly on an intruder is going to scare them off your property when their location is immediately discovered.

For more information about your lighting options, contact a garden lighting service.