Is gardening harder than it should be for you? Learn more about why it's important to have newer equipment to garden with.

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When my husband and I planted a garden, we realized that we were trying to make do with the same old supplies that we had used for years. Instead of planting flowers easily with hole digger or removing dandelions with a straight weed removal tool, we were trying to save money by using old, rusty, uncomfortable supplies. Fortunately, a friend of ours told us about a great garden store in town that had great prices and a helpful staff. We went, took a tour of the store, and talked with a salesperson about what we needed. Having the right tools made a huge difference. Check out this blog to educate yourself on garden equipment.

Sharpen The Blades Of Handheld Tools And Power Equipment

26 June 2020
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Summer months may encourage you to get out in your yard and perform landscaping details that will aid in improving the condition of a garden, lawn, trees, and shrubs. When a tool or a piece of equipment has a dull blade, you are subjected to inefficiency with completing a project, and you could become injured if you apply excess force against the back of a dull blade and wind up slipping and cutting through your arm or hand. Read More …

How A Local Dump Truck Service Can Help You With Your Garden And Landscape

7 May 2020
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Are you looking to install a garden for the first time or make major changes to your existing garden or landscape? If so, you will, of course, need the right materials like new soil to get the job done. It can take a lot of soil or other supplies if you are reworking your entire garden or landscape from scratch. Do you really want to bend over and put everything in place by hand or have to make multiple trips to the gardening store for more supplies? Read More …

Spring Yard Damage Repair And Maintenance For A Beautiful Property

26 February 2020
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Winter is finally ending after having its seemingly never-ending winter storms and squalls. And now that your yard is emerging from snow and ice, you can start to plan for any updates and repairs you need to perform your landscaping and yard. To help you get started and to boost your yard's appearance and appeal, here are some recommendations to help you get your yard ready for spring and repaired after winter's damage. Read More …